Phil Tune – The view from the cheap seats: hopes and dreams

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Helping design a new hospital is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most clinicians.  On the other hand, staff come to the process with no expertise in design or architecture.  I will briefly describe the process from a staff end-user’s perspective, including the extent to which our hopes and dreams have been fulfilled by our new facility.

Associate Professor Phil Tune – Executive Director Psychiatric Services and Authorised Psychiatrist

Philip Tune started at Bendigo Health in late 2006 as the Clinical Director of Psychiatry, returning to the part of Victoria where he spent the first 10 years of his life, having worked as a consultant psychiatrist for 10 years in Melbourne (in hospital-based and private practice). He then took on additional responsibilities as the Executive Director of Psychiatric Services. Phil has found the Psychiatric Services division staff to be dedicated to good patient outcomes and the managers’ committed, hardworking and highly skilled. Phil’s subsequent development of a Bendigo-based training program for psychiatrists, involvement in teaching psychiatry to Monash University medical students, rejuvenation of the local research program in psychiatry and participation in the design of the Bendigo Hospital Project have all provided additional dimensions to a complex and stimulating role.

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