Official opening and welcome

10:30 am

Official opening and welcome Sarah Pink

Professor Laurene Vaughan, Dean of the School of Design, RMIT University

10:40 am

Care as a foundation for design practice & expanding contexts for health and wellbeing


11:00 am

Distinguished Professor Sarah Pink, Professor in Design and Media Ethnography, RMIT University

11.05 am

Design Anthropology for Wellbeing


11:25 am

Margo Annemans, Research[x]Design Group, KU Leuven (Belgium)

11.30 am

Building a care vision


11:50 am

Lunch Break


Keely Macarow, Deputy Head of School of Art, Research & Innovation RMIT University


Designing my body into wellbeing


1:20 pm

Dr Ana Martinez, Anthropologist, UDLA, Quito, Ecuador

1:30 pm

Where there is a doctor but not a hospital


1:50 pm

Philip Tune, Associate Professor and Executive Director Psychiatric Services, Bendigo Health

2.00 pm

The view from the cheap seats: hopes and dreams


2:20 pm

Michel Verheem, Director and Principal Strategist, ID/Lab

2.30 pm

Enhanced user experiences through better collaboration Hospital – Architect – Wayfinding


2.50 pm

Afternoon Break


Wendy Gunn, Senior Research Fellow, Research [x] Design Research Group, KU Leuven (Belgium)

3.30 pm

Involving sensory experience and perceptual acuity as parameters in the design of hospitals


3:50 pm

Finn Pedersen, Director, iredale pedersen hook architects

4.00 pm

Architecture and Aboriginal Cultural Wellness in some Kimberley Case Studies


4:20 pm

Julie Bernhardt, NHMRC Established Fellow and Senior Principal Florey Research Fellow, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Florey Institute

4.30 pm

Why is a neuroscientist interested in hospital design


4:50 pm

Networking reception

5.00 pm

Please join the Design for Wellbeing Symposium speakers and attendees in this industry networking, drinks and canapés reception.
This will be an opportunity to further discuss ideas form the day and leverage on new partnerships and networks.

Networking close

6.30 pm