Sarah Pink – Design Anthropology for Wellbeing

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This talk introduces a design anthropological approach to wellbeing, that focuses on designing for possibilities rather than solutions. I will argue that new ways of theorising and practice are needed in in order to create designs that are sufficiently responsible, ethical and open, and that will enable and empower people to move on confidently into their futures. Such an approach is based in the principle of doing anthropology with design – that is not to inform or study design but to create new modes of blended practice.

To demonstrate how this can be put into practice I will draw on a shared research project undertaken by the Design Ethnography research at RMIT in collaboration with Bendigo Hospital, Victoria.

Distinguished Professor Sarah Pink, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University

Sarah Pink is a Distinguished Professor of Design and Media Ethnography at RMIT University and from 2016 -2017 the RMIT Digital Ethnography Research Centre’s Director. Sarah’s approach brings together digital ethnography and design to engage with contemporary issues and challenges through a dialogue between applied and academic research and practice. She works with academic and industry research partners internationally and has collaborated across different fields including design, engineering and arts and documentary practice. Her core research expertise is in: digital technologies in everyday life; environmental sustainability; consumer improvisation; safety; and human experience and perception. Sarah is also an international leader in innovative digital, visual and sensory research and dissemination methodologies.